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Who is Sun Communities?

Since 1975, Sun Communities has owned and operated industry-leading manufactured home communities, RV resort and marina properties throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada. They have been honored twice by the Manufactured Housing Institute as winner of the “Community Operator of the Year” award. The award is emblematic of Sun Communities’ focus on professional management at the community level.

As part of their culture, Sun Communities establishes long-standing relationships with the local communities they intend to join and tailor their projects to complement the local area, preserving its values and traditions and serving the needs of the area. Sun Communities provides comfortable, sustainable living in manufactured housing communities at attainable prices and RV resorts that highlight the natural wonder and surrounding landscape, while providing a fun, family-friendly experience.


    Are Sun Communities and Suncadia Resort the same company or affiliated with each other?

    No. Outside of both sharing the word “Sun” in their company names, Sun Communities is a wholly separate company, is not affiliated nor is it a subsidiary of Suncadia Resorts. Since 1975, Sun Communities has owned and operated industry-leading manufactured home communities, RV resort and marina properties throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada.

    What Benefits will 47 North bring to the Cle Elum community?

    1. Attainably priced housing to support a growing work force in the community.
    2. New customers for local businesses.
    3. New local jobs will be created.
    4. A newly constructed and actively managed trail network that will be open to the community for hiking, biking, and equestrian trail riding.
    5. A family friendly outdoor recreational resort that minimizes impact on the natural setting and fits the character of the community.

    How will the 47 North development be different from the already approved development plan for the property?

    1. The existing approved plan calls for 1,300 residential homes which would be an extension of the Suncadia development. The original plan included a commitment to keep 180 of the new homes available for rent, and also included a provision for 50 additional deed restricted affordable housing units. The development plan also includes a 75-acre business park.
    2. The new plan calls for fewer new homes which will be delivered at a price point lower than Suncadia’s development, and the remaining area will be transformed into a family friendly nature resort focused on outdoor activities, fitness and education.
    3. The 47 North development will be separate from Suncadia and will provide attainably priced home options for the working residents of Cle Elum, along with family oriented outdoor recreational resort.
    4. The 47 North plan calls for 493 homes single family homes available for sale or for rent, 180 rental units, and an additional 50 deed restricted affordable housing units as was originally contemplated. The Outdoor Resort will include 660 RV, camping, cabin, and “glamping” sites.
    5. The business park has been reduced from 75 acres to 25 acres and is not currently part of the 47 North development.

    How will the development impact traffic congestion in the area, and how is this being dealt with?

    1. A regional traffic study has been conducted by the City and Department of Transportation to evaluate existing traffic issues, measure the needed improvements require to accommodate the 47 North development, and a plan is being designed to fund and construct these needed improvements. 47 North will be responsible for paying its fair share of the cost of these improvements as determined by The City and DOT.
    2. Notably – because the amount of residential development is being reduced and replaced by the Outdoor Recreation Resort, traffic impacts are anticipated to be significantly less than the existing approved plan.
    3. We understand that this is a MAJOR concern for the residents, and we are making this a top priority to ensure we implement a comprehensive infrastructure solution that works for all concerned stakeholders. Our interests are aligned with the town as traffic problems are bad for everyone.

    What’s happening with the land Suncadia is supposed to provide to the town of Cle Elum for a community center?

    1. The land has been transferred to Cle Elum along with an initial payment of $400,000. An additional $1.6M will be paid to the town no later than December 2021 and an additional $2M will be paid to the town no later than 2025.

    How will this development impact public services such as Police, Fire and Schools? How will all the needed public services for the development be paid for?

    1. The town will certainly need to expand its public services capacity to support the development, however the impacts will be less than the already approved development as there are significantly fewer permanent residents who generally place more demand on those services.
    2. The costs to fund incremental public services have been analyzed by the Town, and tax revenues generated are expected to exceed the cost under every scenario except one, which assumed no build out of the adjacent business park and a larger contingent of police officers than is required using the Town’s own level of service method for calculating staffing needs.
    3. The fiscal shortfall anticipated in the one shortfall scenario is calculated as $700,000 total over 12 years and assumes 8 additional police officers rather 5.5 as required by the Town’s method for calculating level of service.
    4. Sun Communities will be working collaboratively with stakeholder from the Town, and separately with the School District and Hospital District to fully understand these impacts. We will work together to ensure the project does not create a fiscal burden for the Town or its residents.
    5. Important to note, no privately owned development will be subsidized with public resources.

    How much will new homes cost in the 47 North community?

    1. Based on today’s estimates of construction costs, we anticipate selling homes from $150,000, with options available up to $250,000 with larger floor plans and upgrades.

    How is a land lease community different than a typical subdivision?

    1. A land lease community is a form of community investment where residents own their homes and lease the land the home is on from a professional community owner.
    2. The land lease payment generally includes:
      1. Property taxes for the land and community infrastructure
      2. Maintenance of the roads and utility infrastructure servicing the community.
      3. Maintenance of the common area landscaping.
      4. Maintenance of and access to enhanced community amenities.
      5. Financing cost of all the constructed infrastructure necessary to support the community.
    3. The land lease payment is not much different than a combination of property taxes and HOA dues, and generally creates a more accessible solution for new homeownership by reducing the upfront amount of money necessary to buy a home.

    What are the benefits of living in a Sun community like 47 North?

    1. Professionally maintained common areas. Sun Communities has high standards with respect to community appearance, and inspections are completed by Sun’s leadership every 6 weeks.
    2. Exceptional community amenities including clubhouses, pools, sports fields, parks, playgrounds, planned activities and more!
    3. 24-hour onsite management and maintenance staff to provide resident services.
    4. Onsite real estate services for home buying, selling, maintenance, and other services needed to maintain the value of the homeowner’s investment.
    5. An extremely well-funded ownership group with access capital markets for continuous community investment. Sun Communities can maintain the community with resources far exceeding any HOA or small municipality. This arrangement creates exceptional financial stability for the community in the long term and makes them less vulnerable to economic cycles for events such as infrastructure maintenance and disaster preparedness and response.
    6. Sun Communities is a long-term owner and community steward with a vested interest in ensuring the community stays vibrant forever! Sun Communities has been in business since 1975, and our residential communities are 97% occupied nationwide.

    How are home values affected by living in a land lease community vs. a typical subdivision?

    1. Resale home prices in Sun Communities have grown year over year at rate that is comparable to and in some cases exceeds single family home prices in the communities they are located.
    2. An analysis of YoY value appreciation nationwide, and in the sample market of Firestone, CO is included as a supplement here.

    Will new jobs be created by the 47 North development?

    1. Yes! New jobs will be created in construction, within the community and Resort, and employment will be stimulated throughout the town to provide services to the residents of the community.
    2. It is anticipated that the development will create as many as 607 local construction jobs and as many as 400 new permanent jobs at full buildout.

    How will 47 North impact the natural environment?

    1. The proposed development is anticipated to be less impactful to the Flora and Fauna onsite than the currently approved development, including less clearing and grading.
    2. Numerous mitigations will be put into place to ensure environmental impacts for wildlife, long term forest management, noise, air quality, light emission, water quality, and cultural sites are minimized and will be monitored throughout the development process.
    3. The terms of the existing agreement between Suncadia and the Kittitas Conservation Trust for management of hundreds of acres of open space and the Cle Elum River Corridor will stay in place, and Sun will continue to provide conservation of these areas as has always been required.
    4. Sun Communities and 47 North is committed to natural preservation, education, conservation, and sustainable practices in our communities and resorts.

    Will there be screening along the road?

    Yes – there will be a 100-foot depth tree lined buffer surrounding the community to minimize noise and visual impacts.

    What amenities will be open to the public?

    1. 47 North will have an adventure center that will be open to the public which connects to a public trail network that will traverse the open space areas of the properties. While the programming for this facility is yet to be finalized, it will include features such as mini-golf, a trail head with bike rentals, guided hikes and other fun activations for the trail network, a challenge course for outdoor fitness, and other fun family oriented activities.
    2. There are numerous public trail parks contemplated to be located throughout the open spaces in the plan for passive outdoor recreation.
    3. Depending on demand, there will be planned activities within the 47 North outdoor Resort that may be made available to the public for things such as swim lessons, art classes, cooking demonstrations, equine therapy, and many other planned activations within the Resort.

    When is Construction Anticipated to begin, and when is opening anticipated?

    We are hoping to have all of our necessary approvals to proceed by the end of 2021 and would begin preparation work onsite as soon as Summer of 2022. We would anticipate opening in 2024 depending on numerous factors that could impact the timing of permitting, needed infrastructure improvements, and construction.



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