Guide to Beer and Wine [Infographic]

Guide To Beer And Wine InfographicLearn How to Pair Food With Our Guide to Beer and Wine

Vacation is all about relaxation, and there’s nothing more relaxing than a good meal paired with the perfect drink! Knowing how to match foods and beverages can be tricky though. And what’s more, sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between an ale and a lager, or a chardonnay and a pinot grigio. To help you navigate the wide world of drinks, we’ve created this guide to beer and wine with simple suggestions for food pairings.

Those staying at our resorts near breweries and vineyards can especially enjoy these decadent food and drink pairings. In Paso Robles, California, you’ll find resorts like Wine Country RV Resort and Cava Robles RV Resort offering all sorts of wine-related fun. Or head north to Petoskey RV Resort or Indian Creek RV & Camping Resort for a taste of Midwestern wines. And if you’re into beer, Hidden Ridge RV Resort and River Run RV Resort are close to brewery cities like Grand Rapids and Denver.

Use this guide to beer and wine at home, on vacation, or during your next event, and remember to drink responsibly!


Guide To Beer And Wine InfographicWe hope you enjoyed these helpful tips for enjoying food and drink together. If you loved this guide to beer and wine, share it with your friends on social media!


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