Camping Tips for a Zombie Outbreak

Surviving Zombie Apocalypse While Camping HeaderLet’s face it, there’s only a matter of time before a zombie outbreak happens. When it does, where will you be? Hopefully camping, because you will be more prepared for survival than you think based on the behaviors we’ve observed from the popular hit series “The Walking Dead.”


If a zombie outbreak happens while you are at home, you may want to stay put and try to secure your house.  Highly populated areas will likely have a greater number of infected versus non-infected persons. Of course, this could prove problematic for you, eventually resulting in you moving loved ones away to a safer zone and leaving most of your possessions behind.


How am I more prepared by camping?


You already have your basic needs packed and at your disposal.

When you prepare for camping, all of your basic necessities are collected, packed and ready to be mobile. These items include survival gear like:

  • Hunting and fishing equipment.
  • Non-perishable food items packaged for longer shelf life.
  • Basic bedding like sleeping bags, pillows and blankets.
  • Fire starters, matches and lighters.
  • Alternatively powered electronics like radios, lamps, etc.
  • RV’s and tents for shelter.

Many campgrounds are located in less populated or wooded areas which reduces the risk of being attacked or infected. Plus it’s beneficial for hunting animals and gathering nuts and berries for food!


In the event that you hear news about an initial outbreak while camping, you are more likely to have time to fortify the RV resort or campground, such as securing the perimeter to prevent zombies from entering. This leaves the interior available for guests to continue to enjoy, while adapting to this new lifestyle of surviving in the wilderness.


It’s like an extended vacation! 

At Sun RV Resorts, you and your family can stay safe and enjoy all of the wonderful amenities available to keep everyone occupied and entertained. We even have access to WiFi so should communication systems remain active, you can stay connected to the outside world. Send us your own pictures, stories and thoughts about how you would survive a zombie outbreak at your favorite Sun RV resort.


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