10 Camping Tips & Tricks

camping tips

A lot of work goes into preparing for any camping trip. With so many considerations, like space, storage, and comfort, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the planning process.

Camping need not be stressful, though. With a few tweaks, changes, and hacks, you can easily create a stress-free vacation. Check out these 10 camping tips and tricks to make your next trip the best one yet!

Camping Tips & Hacks

1. Store Spices in Tic Tac Boxes

Don’t waste space in your cupboards with bulky spice bottles. Instead, save room by putting your spices in empty Tic Tac boxes. Clearly label each spice container and you’ll be ready to open the top and shake out the spice of your choice.

2. Turn Your Detergent Bottle into a Handwashing Station

Hygiene is important, especially when traveling. This trick works with large laundry detergent bottles featuring a spigot on the side. Clean the bottle, fill with water, and you’ll have an easy way to wash your hands at your site.

3. Learn How to Light a Fire

Need a quick way to start a fire? Saturate dryer lint with petroleum jelly and roll into balls. Then arrange them in your fire pit and ignite them. Be careful! These burn very quickly. Check out more ideas for campfire kindling here.

4. Bring a Guide to Poisonous Plants

Don’t get struck by poison ivy on vacation. Instead, bring a pocket guide to poisonous plants to stay knowledgeable. We recommend this lightweight pamphlet.

5. Create Travel Coffee Bags

Put your preferred size scoop of coffee grounds into a traditional machine coffee filter. Then tie it up at the top with dental floss. To brew, simply steep it like a teabag until coffee has reached desired strength.

6. DIY a Lantern

The sun may be down, but you’re likely still up. To illuminate the darkness, you can create a handy lantern in a pinch. Take a one-gallon jug filled with water and attach a headlamp around it with the light facing inward. You’ll instantly have a bright glowing lamp!

7. Whip Up Some Bug Spray

Those pesky bugs can prove to be a hassle when camping. To deter insects, try this natural bug spray that’ll keep them far away.

  • Ingredients: 8 oz. apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, vodka, or a dry oil such as jojoba. You’ll also need 45 drops of peppermint oil and 15 drops lemon oil (or rose geranium oil to repel ticks).
  • Method: Mix ingredients in a spray bottle and apply liberally. Store in the fridge when not in use. Lasts for 2-3 months.

8. Line Your Tent with Foam Floor Tiles

Stop straining your back while camping. Use foam floor tiles (initially designed for children’s play areas) to line the bottom of your tent. These will provide comfort throughout your tent and cover much more space than a foam sleeping pad.

9. Create a Salt Water Cooler

Buying endless bags of ice isn’t economical. Instead, try filling a one-gallon milk jug with water and 1/4 cup salt. Freeze, pack into your cooler and experience an ice block that won’t melt all over your food.

10. Make Your Pancake Mix Ahead of Time

Before you leave for your trip, make your favorite batch of pancake batter, scoop the mixture into plastic bags, freeze, and pack the bags in your cooler just before you leave. To prepare, simply cut the tip off a bag, squeeze desired amount of batter, and cook on a pan over the campfire.


Looking for more ways to improve your camping trip? Check out our guide on how to set up a campsite. Or try our list of recipes that the whole family can help with. You can also find a fresh selection of tips, recipes, and more on our Pinterest page.


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