Let’s Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day. Two words that really say it all – a day we dedicate to Mother Earth and remember our obligation to protect her each day. For the past 46 years, since its conception in 1970, this Earth Day celebration has helped to knit the fabric of our societies together and unite the world around a single cause that truly touches us all. Each year, on April 22, thousands of events are hosted across the globe that includes parades, seedling giveaways, festivals, planting community gardens, and community clean-up or restoration efforts.

Although the idea of protecting our environment may seem commonplace now, in the mid-twentieth century, back in the days of lead fuel and factories dumping pollutants virtually unchecked into the atmosphere and water systems, public awareness was almost non-existent. Recent studies have shown that we have used up more natural resources over the past 50 years than in our entire history.

Today, there is a global awareness with over a billion people celebrating Earth Day each year to actively change human behavior and spur on policy changes that can make a difference in the push for a healthier environment and world for everyone. This has led to the passage of landmark environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. A stronger emphasis has been placed on sustainability and continuing research into finding renewable energy sources with the ultimate goal of 100 percent renewability.

At Sun Communities, Inc., our parent company for Sun RV Resorts, we’re partnering up with Detroit’s Eastern Market to pay it forward on May 20th with a special tree planting and gardening day at our Rudgate Clinton manufactured housing community located in Clinton Township, Michigan. This is part of an ongoing initiative through our new Sun Unity program by actively volunteering to do our part for the environment and our local communities throughout the United States. Through this program, Sun has also donated $5,650 to the Flint, Michigan water crisis, which is focused on addressing health issues affecting those exposed to drinking water with high levels of lead.

Let’s all do our part today and every day to fight the good fight for reduced global warming and cleaner energy this Earth Day!



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