Easter Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy

Easter CraftsHaving the kids at home can be quite a chore. Even when giving them plenty of free time, there remains a need for structured activities. But we have some fun ideas to keep the kids busy. With festive Easter crafts, you can entertain your kids and bring some spring color into the house!

Read on to find these four easy Easter crafts.

4 Easy Easter Crafts for Spring

1. Craft Stick Carrots

This Easter craft idea comes from Easy Peasy and Fun. Using craft sticks, green Easter grass, craft paint, paper, and glue, you can make fun carrots! Follow the link for full instructions with pictures, but this craft is very easy. And it makes for great decoration.

Parental supervision is needed for this project, since it does involve scissors. Hot glue can be used, but school glue is safer and works just as well.

Marble Easter Eggs2. Marble Easter Eggs

Better Homes & Gardens has a great way to switch up your Easter egg decorations. By using vinegar and vegetable oil, you can create a marble effect on your eggs. This process is quite straightforward, but the link above will give you a full tutorial.

The best part of this Easter craft? You probably have all the supplies on hand!

3. Bunny Easter Basket

Do you have an old apple basket lying around? From personal experience, it seems a lot of people save these for a rainy day and forget about them. But now you can use a few tricks to turn your old apple baskets into fun Easter crafts!

My Sister’s Suitcase has a great method for converting apple baskets to bunny baskets. The process is painless but requires a couple special crafting tools like adhesive vinyl and a pom pom maker. Both can be ordered online or picked up in any craft store.

4. Easter Egg Mason Jars

Pretty pastels will never be boring. Take the color palette and use it to repurpose some mason jars! This idea is really simple and you can find a full tutorial here. But we’ll sum up the basics for you.

  1. Add two coats of base color craft paint to mason jars. Let dry overnight.
  2. Tape Easter egg patterns on the jars with washi tape. Zig zags, stripes, and dots are all easy options.
  3. Add a layer of contrasting paint to the mason jars. Let dry, then remove the washi tape.
  4. Touch up any areas that have rough edges.
  5. Add some small dots of contrast paint to complete the effect.


We hope you’ve found some great Easter craft ideas to pass the time. If you know someone else who could use some kid-friendly activities, pass this post along!


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