Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall Crafts for Kids

Easy Fall Crafts for All Ages

When the air is crisp and the leaves are changing, it’s easy to want fall to stay forever. But the season doesn’t last long, so it’s best to take full advantage and make some mementos. These easy fall crafts for kids are just the ticket to celebrate autumn and preserve the best parts of the season for a bit longer.

We hope you enjoy these crafts as much as we do!

Pressed Fall Leaves

An elementary school classic, pressed autumn leaves make for fantastic fall crafts. Two methods of pressing leaves are outlined below.

Pressing Leaves with Weight

Though the leaves won’t last too long, pressing leaves with weight is easy as can be. Simply take flat, semi-dry leaves and sandwich them between newspaper. Then, stack some heavy objects on top, like books. Let the pressing sit for about a week and then check on the progress. Two to three weeks is usually required for the leaves to fully dry.

Pressing Leaves with Waxed Paper

This method involves an iron, so you’ll need parental supervision. But the benefit is that leaves pressed with this method last for months, or even years!

  1. Sandwich thin, semi-dry leaves between two sheets of waxed paper.
  2. Place a cloth rag on your ironing board to prevent a waxy mess.
  3. Lay the leaves and wax paper on top of the rag and place another cloth rag over top.
  4. Heat the iron to high and be sure not to use the steam function.
  5. Run the iron back and forth over the cloth rag, being careful not to shift the leaves.
  6. Once the paper is starting to seal, hold the iron on each spot for 4-5 seconds.
  7. Once the wax paper has sealed, the leaves will appear much clearer. After they’ve cooled, cut the leaves out, leaving a little bit of wax seal around the edges.

Pumpkin VasePumpkin Flower Vase

Have some flowers to show off? Create a festive fall arrangement utilizing a famous gourd synonymous with fall: the pumpkin. You can easily turn a pumpkin into a flower vase that fits the season. You can either find a vase that fits inside your pumpkin, or utilize green floral foam bricks that you soak in water and cut to size.

  1. Carve and clean out a pumpkin that will fit your vase.
  2. Fill the vase with water, or place your sized green foam brick, and place inside the pumpkin.
  3. Cut your flower stems to size and begin creating your arrangement!

NOTE: If you’re using a green foam brick, the flower stems are placed right into the soaked foam and the water will sustain the flowers.

Leaf Silhouettes

Fall crafts are more fun when they involve finger painting. These simple silhouettes are great for kids and allow you to enjoy some color in your crafts.

  1. First of all, you’ll need a leaf silhouette template to print. You can find some here.
  2. Drop a couple different colors of paint on the paper and use your fingers to lightly mix or scrape the paint around the paper.
  3. Once the paint has dried, just cut out the outline of the leaf!

Paper Pumpkin Fall CraftsPaper Pumpkins

These fall crafts require a bit of work, but the result is well worth it. Paper pumpkins can be placed on desks, shelves, mantles, and more for a little splash of fall color in your home.

Method borrowed from our friends at DIY Inspired.

  1. Get two bright orange 8.5 x 11-inch pieces of paper.
  2. Cut each piece of paper vertically into five 1.5-inch wide strips.
  3. Then cut each strip into one 7-inch long, two 9-inch long, and keep the remaining two at 11-inches long. Remember, you need two sets for one pumpkin. Each pumpkin is two pieces of paper – two 7-inch, four 9-inch, and four 11-inch strips.
  4. Fold each piece into accordion strips.
  5. Next tape the two sets and same lengths together with double sided tape and form a circle. You will end up with one circle from the 7-inch strips, two circles from the 9-inch strips, and two circles from the 11-inch strips.
  6. Create the 7-inch medallion by placing a small dab of hot glue in the center. Hold a few seconds until dry.
  7. Next, glue each medallion together starting with the 7-inch on top, then 9-inch, then 11-inch, then 11-inch, then 9-inch on the bottom.
  8. For extra flair, hot glue a stick, paper leaves, and twine on top of your pumpkin!


Whether it’s a rainy day or a crisp, sunny afternoon, you can enjoy these easy fall crafts for kids. Plus, they make great gifts for grandparents. No matter your use for them, they’re a great activity for all ages.

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