Five Tips to Gear Up for Fall Camping

SR_FallCampingFall camping is now in full swing! This is a time of year where outdoor enthusiasts take advantage of the final months of the northern camping season to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage, crisp air and fun activities before the winter begins. 
Here are some fall camping tips to help make this a safe, fun and warm experience for everyone:
1. Bring on the Grub
• Cooking times take longer in lower temperatures, so make sure you allow more time for cooking meals.
• Plan to rise early to heat up liquids to sip for keeping warm throughout the day, such as a steaming cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
2. Sleep Tight
• Choose sleeping bags labeled from zero to 30 degrees Fahrenheit – always bring a sleeping bag that protects against temperatures lower than you expect. There is nothing worse than being “less than prepared” and freezing during the night.
• Bring a self-inflating mattress or foam pad to help provide cushioning and insulation from the cold ground.
3. Dress for Success
• Bring proper attire like insulated sweaters, wool socks or down booties, thermal underwear, winter coats, gloves, hats, extra shoes, etc. Dressing in layers is the best choice during this time of year.
• Use hand and foot warmers – small chemical heating pads – that slip into boots, gloves or jacket pockets for a quick and easy warmup during the chilly fall months! Brand names such as HotHands® and Grabber® are very popular choices for portable heating packs.
4. Keep it Light
• Darker days are descending, and erecting a tent on a Friday night is a common rite of passage for many campers. Investing in a good LED headlamp or lantern will shed some light on the subject and keep your hands free to work on your shelter. We would recommend Lenser or Black Diamond brands for their brightness and battery life, but there are many other brands that are also very good.
5. Let it Rain (or Snow!)
• Line your backpacks with plastic garbage bags to help keep out moisture. It’s always a good idea to bring extra bags to protect other items as well.
• Invest in a good tent with a full rain fly and/or a tarp in case the weather gets wet.
• Bring watertight containers for food and other camping items.
These helpful tips and tricks should make the fall camping season fun and enjoyable. Fall is the perfect time of year to explore nature trails, visit an apple orchard or cider mill, get caught up in a corn maze or enjoy the warmth of a campfire – with s’more, of course!!
Good luck and happy fall camping, outdoor lovers!

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