Campfire Foil Packet Recipes [Infographic]

Campfire Foil Packet Recipes

Easy and self-contained, campfire foil packets are great “one-pot” meals that your fellow campers can tailor to their personal tastes. Recipe ideas for foil packets are endless, so we’ve started with a basic menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our infographic below breaks down the ingredients and directions for a simple and delicious meal that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Find links for these featured recipes below, plus helpful tips on how to properly fold a tin foil packet:

How to Fold Tin Foil Packets

Follow these tips on how to fold the perfect foil packet. Remember, a flat packet is for browning and a tent packet is for steaming.

  1. Place food in the center of a 12-inch square of heavy-duty aluminum foil
  2. Bring two long sides together above food and fold edges down twice, creating a top seal
  3. Fold each shorter side together for a secure packet

Recipe Links

Perfect for the campfire or an oven rack, we hope we’ve inspired you to open your heart and your stomach to this simple cooking method. And make sure to share your favorite tin foil recipes and stay connected with us on social media!

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