Full Circle: From Maine and Back Again


I remember as a child how important it was to my mother that I had an opportunity to go away to camp. To have the chance to get away from home for the summer and experience the comradery of others who traveled to camp from all over the country. To learn about nature, enjoy the many opportunities that might not always be afforded to me; try new things I might not have considered attempting before; and, most of all, to have the ability to understand how to become more comfortable in my own skin. Well…that certainly didn’t work.

All I could focus on was the fact that my mother was sending me away from home for an entire month and clearly trying to get rid of me. My entire preoccupation while away was to have the worst possible time and determine how quickly I could get myself back home. And boy would my mom pay for doing this to me.

Now I’m older. Now I’m wiser. Now I get it. Now I wish I was that kid again and that my mother would offer me the opportunity to get away from real life for a month so I could relax a bit, enjoy the thrill of meeting new people, immerse myself in new culture and surroundings, and to allow myself the excitement of a brand new experience. Of course, that’s not going to happen any time soon. I’m not that kid any longer and, more importantly, my mother refuses to pay for it now. (Yes…I asked her.)

So now I guess I’m going to have to make this happen on my own. I spoke to my niece recently and she told me her favorite summer trip is going to Maine – she suggested I should start there.

Boy is that ironic since that is where I was sent away to camp when I was younger. I guess it’s a sign that I should start again where it all began in the first place – full circle.

My niece says there are so many things to do in Maine that I’ll never be bored. There’s hiking, sailing; the sea and all of Maine’s amazing lakes; and, my personal favorite, eating lobster like 15 different ways! She says every single lake is beautiful in some unique way and the path you must travel, through small forests and such, make the experience all the more worthwhile. You can discover special coves, take a refreshing swim in the lake or simply lie on the beach and read a good book. I think she may be on to something….

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