Spring Gardening Tips to Start the Season

Spring Gardening TipsWith spring on the way and many itching to get outdoors, it’s a great time to get into the garden. But you can’t just plant your favorites and expect them to grow. You’ll need to put some work into getting everything ready. To help, we’ve rounded up seven easy gardening tips for spring. Give them a look and good luck with your garden!

7 Easy Gardening Tips for Spring

1. Clean the Yard

Your yard can look pretty rough after winter. First things first, pick up the branches and rake the leaves. Once those tasks are finished, you can do things like throwing out the remnants of last year’s annual plants.

Lawnmower2. Reseed, feed, and mow the lawn

Next up, check the lawn. You might need to reseed certain areas that have degraded to dirt. Depending on where you live and the grass you have, fertilizing the lawn might also be good. And, of course, when the lawn gets long enough you should mow it. Just don’t mow too early or you might damage the grass.

3. Revitalize Flower Beds

Before you start a garden, give special attention to your flower beds and garden plots. You’ll need to clean them out of any debris from last season. You should also turn the soil and add new soil if needed. You want to give your plants as strong a base as possible.

Pruning Plants4. Pruning Existing Plants

Do you have plants already in the ground? Then one of the best gardening tips we can give is to prune them. Perennials, or plants that bloom every year, must be pruned in order to properly grow in the upcoming year. Start with dead or damaged stems and move from there. Use this guide to help you prune.

5. Choosing How to Plant

One of the big decisions you need to make is how you’re going to plant. What’s meant by that is that you can plant from containers, with sprouted plants, or you can plant seeds or bulbs. Maybe you’ll do a mixture! But you need to make the decision so you can plan correctly. Each type of plant will require a different type of care.

6. Feeding the Plants

Once you have plants or seeds in the ground, you can start caring for them. Along with regular watering and weeding, consider feeding the plants. Many varieties of plant food exist and offer just what your plant needs. Just make sure you do a bit of research first. Giving the wrong type of plant food could damage your garden.

7. Adding Mulch

If there’s one go-to gardening tip, it’s to add mulch. This features multiple benefits. Mulch improves drainage, allowing your garden to better withstand rains. Mulch also helps prevent weeds from growing, making it a double win!


With your new gardening tips in hand, it’s time to get outside and get to work. If you know a friend who might benefit from these suggestions, give this post a share and help them out!


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