Your Guide to Golf Cart Safety

golf cart safety guide10 Golf Cart Safety Tips for Campers

Walking is an amazing way to stay active, but it’s a great day when you can zoom around the resort or golf course. For your convenience, several Sun RV Resorts offer golf cart rentals, including Big Timber Lake RV Camping Resort, Grand Lake RV & Golf Resort, and more.

To help you stay safe on the course and around the campground, we’ve assembled this golf cart safety guide. Here are our 10 best tips:

1. Always wear your seat belt

Golf carts are equipped with seat belts and you should always use them. Seat belts will keep you secure when going around turns, up and down hills, and in the event of an accident.

2. Avoid distractions

Stay focused on the road. That means no texting, no phone calls, and no distracting conversations with passengers.

3. Stick to the seats available

Oftentimes, people will try to pack golf carts with more passengers than seats. This greatly increases the risk of accidents and can damage the golf cart by adding more weight than it can handle.

4. Keep your limbs inside the cart

Unless you’re signaling a turn, keep your arms, legs, and feet inside the golf cart at all times.

5. Use your hands to signal turns

The turn signals on golf carts are small and can be difficult for cars and pedestrians to see. Stay safe by always using your hands to signal turns.

6. Slow down

The safest speed for a golf cart is about the same as a brisk walk. Slow down and take turns at low speeds to avoid risk of rollover. If you’re going up or down a hill, go slowly, use your brakes accordingly, and drive in a straight line.

7. Take the keys

Be sure to grab the keys when you leave the golf cart. Unauthorized drivers should not have access to the keys.

8. Use the parking brake

Set the parking brake when you park your golf cart. Just like cars, golf carts will roll if the brake isn’t set!

9. Never drink and drive

Never, ever drink and drive. This is a common misconception with golf carts, but they are subject to the same rules and restrictions as cars.

10. Watch the weather

Keep an eye on the weather when driving a golf cart. While the top may protect you from rain, golf carts are still at risk of being struck by lightning.


Next time you use a golf cart, follow these 10 golf cart safety tips for a smooth, enjoyable experience. Help us out and share this post on social media to inform your friends!


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