6 Creative Ways to Hand Out Halloween Candy

Kids in Halloween CostumesHalloween isn’t canceled, but we are celebrating a bit differently this year. Rather than big parties and crowds of trick-or-treaters, this year it’s about frightful decorations and celebrations with social distancing. To help make the most out of this spooky holiday with kids, we’re offering six creative ways to hand out Halloween candy while maintaining a safe distance.

In addition to these helpful ideas, there are a few more things you can do to further increase safety. Remember to wear a mask around others when trick-or-treating or handing out candy. You can also pack hand sanitizer while trick-or-treating and use it regularly. And if you’re passing out candy, consider setting up a hand sanitizing station for trick-or-treaters.

While safety comes first, remember to also have fun with the adjusted format of this Halloween!

Child in Costume with Bucket of Halloween Candy1. Use the Mail Slot

If you’re luck enough to have a mail slot, it’s a great way to pass out pre-packaged candy while maintaining a good distance. Trick-or-treaters can knock and you can pass a small bag of wrapped candies out of the mail slot with minimal contact. If you want to get handy, you can even fashion a small platform on the outside of your mail slot, so the candy doesn’t fall to the ground.

2. Build a Candy Slide

Do you really want to get creative? Try building a candy slide!

You don’t have to go all-out like the creators in this video, but you can take some inspiration from their approach. Many of us already have a number of household materials like excess cardboard and paper towel rolls to create a small slide. You can rig a slide up outside or on a ground-floor window for an easy way to transfer Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters while maintaining your distance.

3. Arrange a Drive-thru Candy Station

An alternative to traditional trick-or-treating is to set up a drive-thru candy station. In this set-up, trick-or-treaters (or their parents) can pull up to the end of your driveway and you can hand them candy through a cracked window. While easy in theory, this might require some coordination as a neighborhood-wide event.

Alternatively, trunk-or-treat, which is done in parking lots, can act in a similar way. Candy can be passed through cracked car windows to trick-or-treaters on foot.

4. Use a Grabber Tool or Tongs

An excellent way to pass out Halloween candy without physical contact is to use a grabber tool. While grabber tools are often used for picking up litter, they can be used for many purposes. Using a clean, new grabber, you can pick up candy and pass it to trick-or-treaters from several feet away. If you don’t have a grabber tool, sanitize a set of grill or kitchen tongs, and try those.

Kid Getting Halloween Candy From A Table5. Set Up a Self-Serve Candy Station

An alternative to passing out candy is to set up a self-serve candy station. Here’s how:

  1. Place a table in your front yard or driveway and dress it up with Halloween décor.
  2. Fill individual baggies with wrapped Halloween candies.
  3. Arrange tied/sealed baggies on the table.
  4. Allow trick-or-treaters to grab a bag while you greet and observe from a safe distance.

6.Create a Clothesline Candy System

Somewhat similar to a self-serve table is a clothesline candy system. In this case, set up a clothesline in your front yard. Then, use clothespins to attach little bags of wrapped candy within reach of trick-or-treaters. Kids can then grab individual bags while you greet them from a safe distance.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these creative ideas for handing out candy while social distancing. Be sure to practice standard Halloween safety, along with additional precautions as you trick-or-treat this year. And if you know someone else celebrating the holiday, share this post to help them out.

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