Healthy Eating While RVing!


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For many winter snowbirds, it’s time again for the annual RV seasonal escape from the cold winter months in the northern states. The road trip down and settling in to your selected destination involves a lot of fun cutting loose from the usual routine and putting together a healthful menu may be the last thing on your mind.

Eating wholesome food on your vacation starts with doing a little bit of nutritious meal planning. You will add variety to your menu that will provide plenty of energy for all of the fun activities you are about to enjoy!


1. Staying Healthy Starts with Hydration

It’s easy to pack cases of soda and travel ready drinks that taste great, but also remember to bring plenty of fresh, clean water. There are a number of ways to enjoy a cool glass of H2O, such as bringing a charcoal filtered pitcher to have an unlimited supply on hand – and it’s friendly to the environment!


2. Hike with Health in Mind

If you’re planning to get out into the wilderness, take some healthy snacks for the trail. Nuts, fruits, pre-cut melons and bite-size vegetables are fantastic trail snacks to help with hydration and provide lasting energy while you’re exploring.


3. Have Nutrient-Packed Snacks

Before you leave on your trip, put together a few pre-made salads along with a small selection of sandwiches. These healthy foods don’t require any prep, are portable, and can be consumed on the fly in between activities. If kept cold in your cooler they’ll likely last the entire duration of the trip!


4. Hot, Healthy, and Delicious

Want to grill up a great dinner? Try using an aluminum foil pouch as an alternative that can enhance flavor and seal in nutrients.

Vegetable blends, potatoes, and even meats can be sealed into a pouch and thrown on the grill. The pouch locks in moisture and steam, cooking food at a more even temperature. Make your pouches ahead of time at home and add some herbs and/or marinade for a flavor punch when you finally cook up your meals.


5. Prepare Your Meals Ahead of Time

Having to spend time prepping lunches and dinners during your RVing trip can be a downer – it eats into your free time that is better spent having fun with friends! Instead, prep your meals before you go.

Stock your refrigerator with frozen vegetables and pre-made meals. The frozen veggies will help keep your food cold for on-the-go trips and you can pull meals together quickly to heat and serve as hunger pops up during activities and adventures.


Need a little inspiration? Check out some of the recipes on our Pinterest board!




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