Home Workouts to Stay Fit Indoors

Couple Doing Home WorkoutsSome days, you don’t want anything more than to stretch your legs and go on a run. Or maybe you’re more of a gym rat and enjoy working out with a wide range of equipment. But there are times when you can’t go out to exercise. And that’s when home workouts come in handy.

Home workouts come in a range of difficulty levels. We’ve curated four that are doable for beginners and don’t require special equipment. Check them out, find one for yourself, and stay healthy!

7 Minute HIIT Workout4 Home Workouts for Beginners

1. 7-minute Workout

There’s no faster way to exercise than the 7-minute workout. This is a series of short but intense exercises using your own body weight. In fact, the only item you need for a 7-minute workout is a chair without wheels.

While this home workout may be short, it’s not easy. Rest times are almost non-existent, which is why this workout is effective. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds, with a 10 second break in between.


  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Wall sit
  3. Push-ups
  4. Abdominal crunches
  5. Step-up on chair
  6. Squats
  7. Triceps dips on chair
  8. Plank
  9. High knees
  10. Lunges
  11. Push-up and rotation
  12. Right side plank
  13. Left side plank

You can also download a 7-minute workout app for iOS or Android. It’ll coach and time you through each circuit. Repeat the exercises for extra benefits.

Laundry Detergent Weights2. Household Items as Weights

Did you know you can use household items as weights? Gallon milk jugs (you can use old ones filled with water) and detergent bottles both work well. They are generally a good weight for home workouts and feature handles so you have an easy grip.

Some good exercises using household items as weights include bicep curls, squats, bent over rows, and triceps presses.

3. Full Body Cardio Workout

Body weight strength training is great, but you also need cardio. It’s entirely possible to get a full-body cardio workout at home. And you don’t even need weights! Check out this guide to walk you through it.

Like other circuit exercises, this home workout works best when repeated. Try doing your chosen circuit three times for a good cardio workout.

4. Hotel Room Workout

Designed for traveling, the hotel room workout can be done almost anywhere. It doesn’t require any special equipment and uses furniture like a bed and a desk. The guide linked above offers three levels of intensity, allowing beginners to start and advance as they gain strength.

The hotel room workout is best started with a warm-up. Then, take 15 minutes to do as many circuits as possible.


Next time you’re stuck indoors, don’t sweat staying fit. Just use these home workouts to keep healthy and strong. And don’t forget to share this post and tag your workout buddy!


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