Celebrating Juneteenth with Outdoor Afro

Black Woman and Man Hiking in ForestWe’re celebrating Juneteenth with Outdoor Afro! Sun recognizes Juneteenth as a work holiday and we’re proud to support Outdoor Afro’s holiday events. On June 19, we invite guests to join us in honoring the holiday with education, celebration, and reflection.

What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth commemorates the 2 ½ years in which more than 200,000 enslaved Black Americans in Texas were unjustly kept from freedom after the Emancipation Proclamation became law. While the Emancipation Proclamation took effect on January 1, 1863, the news of freedom in Texas was not announced until June 19, 1865, spurring the holiday name of Juneteenth.

Today, Juneteenth is an opportunity to celebrate freedom and reflect on continuing issues of racial injustice. Juneteenth is a recognized holiday in more than 45 states and some companies, including Sun, now honor Juneteenth as a work holiday.

Outdoor Afro Logo and Man and Woman Hiking in Forest for JuneteenthHonoring Juneteenth with Outdoor Afro

To commemorate Juneteenth, Sun is supporting Outdoor Afro’s holiday events. On June 19, we invite guests to spend 2 ½ hours in nature, whether that be on the beach, in the mountains, or beyond. We encourage you to use this time to reflect on what it means to be free in America.

Outdoor Afro is also inviting people to write down their reflections on freedom. You can submit a written reflection of what freedom in America means to you on Outdoor Afro’s website. Selected reflections will be published and shared.

Join us in celebrating Juneteenth with Outdoor Afro by spending 2 ½ hours in nature. And before you go, share this post and invite your friends, family, and fellow campers to head outdoors too!

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