Orange Beach Charter Fishing: What to Know

Orange Beach Charter FishingAlong the Gulf Shores of Alabama you’ll find some of the best angling spots in the U.S. And since there’s no doubt you’ll want to get right in on the action, you’ll need to plan your Orange Beach charter fishing trip in advance. Several things need to be considered, including what to catch, when to go, and who to captain your charter.

Our collection of helpful tips should help you plan your Orange Beach charter fishing trip. Check it out and start planning your getaway to experience some great fishing off the shores of Alabama!

Red Snapper AlabamaWhat to Catch

A charter fishing trip along Orange Beach is sure to bring in a great haul. Perhaps most popular in the area is red snapper, famous for its versatility in cooking. You’ll also find a variety of mackerel, including kingfish and Spanish mackerel. Other common fish include:

  • Amberjack
  • Grouper
  • Red drum
  • Flounder
  • Sheepshead
  • Seatrout

There are also more exotic catches to set your sights on. Famous along the Gulf Shores are Atlantic sailfish. These magnificent creatures are highly prized, growing up to 10 feet long and 120 pounds.

And don’t forget about the sharks! Dedicated deep sea charters exist to search for sharks. Most commonly caught near Orange Beach are big bull sharks. These typically weigh between 100 and 200 pounds, though have been known to be as big as 350 pounds!

Atlantic Sailfish AlabamaWhen to Go

When should you go on your Orange Beach charter fishing trip? That’s a question with many answers. In short, it depends what you’re looking for.

The Gulf Shores Tourism agency has a great schedule. Here are some highlights:


  • King mackerel
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Kingfish
  • Croaker (Atlantic)
  • Black drum
  • Flounder (Gulf, Southern)
  • Atlantic Sailfish
  • Sharks


  • Amberjack
  • Red drum (bull redfish)
  • Groupers (black, gag, red, scamp, yellowfin)
  • Sheepshead

Seasonal (Changes Each Year)

  • Red snapper

Orange Beach Charter FishingOrange Beach Charter Fishing Operators

You know what you’re looking for. You know when to go. But now comes the most important question, who do you trust to take you on your trip?

Having been in your shoes, we know it can be difficult to choose when not familiar with an area. To help you, we’ve done the research and found five great Orange Beach charter fishing outlets. Read through and see which operator fits your vision of an ideal trip.

Fairwater II Charters

With more than 35 years of experience, Fairwater II Charters is a reliable and highly recommended operation. That experience leads to a good haul that often includes red snapper, grouper, mackerel, and more. Additionally, Fairwater II is equipped for deep sea shark fishing.

Getaway Charters

Another long-standing operator, Getaway Charters has been in the business for more than 25 years. The charters here are known for their smaller size, and catering to families. Plenty of options are available, including big game trolling and overnight tuna fishing trips.

Distraction Charters

Captain Troy of Distraction Charters focuses on upbeat fishing trips. His servant’s attitude has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the best Orange Beach charter fishing captains. Numerous types of fishing are available, including deep sea, trolling, and light tackle fishing.

A-Pair-A-Dice Charters

Most fishing charters come as set packages. But A-Pair-A-Dice Charters has made a name by customizing trips for each guest. You can let them know exactly what kind of fishing or shrimping trip you’d like, and they’ll make it happen.

Additionally, A-Pair-A-Dice offers nature tours. If you just want to explore the Gulf, rather than fish, they can take you out. You can design your trip to spot osprey, pelicans, dolphins, and many more wild creatures.

Wild Orange Charters

At Wild Orange Charters, the focus is all about family fun. Captain Bryan has been on the water since he was a child, and now he teaches that same outdoorsy spirit to his own children. His trips are all family-friendly and range from short trolling trips to long deep sea fishing charters.

Pandion Ridge RV Resort Orange BeachSet up Fishing Camp at Pandion Ridge RV Resort

Now that you know the Orange Beach charter fishing trip you want, it’s time to start planning. Namely, you need a place to stay. And we have just the spot.

Five miles northeast of Orange Beach is Pandion Ridge RV Resort. Our premier resort is family-friendly and filled with amenities. Two swimming pools are favorites with the kids, but are great for anyone wanting to cool off on those warm days. And the forested nature trails are great for stretching the legs. Plus, you’ll always have fun meeting your neighbors at one of our many social events.


You know what to do, when to go, and where to stay. The only thing left is to book your Orange Beach charter fishing trip. Pass this post along to your angling companions and plan your trip today!

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