Great Activities to Get You Back Outdoors

Outdoor ActivitiesFor many, time indoors has been the recent name of the game. Things are changing though, and we can think about getting back outside. It’s hard to know where to begin, but we have some ideas.

Read on for five outdoor activities you can do while social distancing!

5 Outdoor Activities for Social Distancing

1. Bike on Greenways and Trails

Fresh air does a body good. One of the best ways to enjoy the spring air is to get out on a bike. Most cities and towns have greenway and trail systems that are great for cycling. You can also use these trails for other outdoor activities, like running and walking.

Be sure to leave room between yourself and others using the trail.

Historic Neighborhood2. Walk Through a Historic Neighborhood

Looking for a low-key way to get outside? Try walking through a historic neighborhood. This is a good outdoor activity for families with kids, as it requires less intensity than others. While enjoying the spring weather, you can check out the beautiful architecture found in historic neighborhoods.

For a fun game, try and guess when a home or building was constructed!

Kayak And Canoe3. Kayak, Canoe, or Paddleboard

There aren’t many better places to maintain social distance than out on the water. Get out your kayak, canoe, or paddleboard and head out. Rivers, lakes, and calm ocean waters are all places where you can enjoy the change of seasons.

Do check the weather first. In some regions, late spring and early summer can be volatile and you don’t want to get caught on the water in a storm.

Identifying Plants4. Learn to Identify Plants

A less exercise-based outdoor activity is learning how to identify plants. Plenty of guidebooks are available for this but there are also great online resources. Try [email protected] or look at the Budburst guide from the Chicago Botanic Garden for more tools.

If you decide to start identifying plants, focus on a category that interests you. Find flowers if those are what you like. Or maybe search for edible plants, but be careful about trying them. Whatever you choose, have fun and follow your interests.

5. Have a Picnic Outdoors

Take a favorite indoor activity outside! Rather than another meal at the table (or on the couch, no judgements), make up a picnic basket. Then find a spot in your backyard, at a local park, or at a nature center to have a meal outdoors.

While picnics outside are fun, please pack everything out. When you get home, you can dispose of your trash properly.

As we return to regular activities, remember to practice social distancing. Even in outdoor activities, it’s important to stay safe. With that in mind, though, feel free to share these outdoor activities with friends and family. We all could use some fresh air!


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