Outdoor Family Games for Summer Vacation

Outdoor Family GamesThe sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it’s a beautiful summer day! While kids are on vacation, there can extra time for some family fun. And with the pleasant weather, it makes sense to organize some outdoor family games.

We’ve picked eight of our favorite outdoor games for families to try. Read on, find one (or more!) that sounds interesting, and play for yourselves!

Ladder Ball8 Outdoor Family Games to Try

1. Ladder Ball

Ladder ball is a favorite outdoor family game for RVers. If you haven’t played ladder ball, it has two “ladders” that stand upright with three rungs each. Players take turns swinging bolas, or two golf balls attached by a string, with the intent of hooking them on the opposing “ladder.” The top rung is worth three points, the middle two points, and the bottom one point.

If you’re handy, you can build a ladder ball set with some simple materials. Otherwise, sets are widely available for purchase online.

2. Lawn Twister

Ahh, twister. It’s a classic game that you may love or hate. But you don’t just have to play twister indoors with the plastic mat. Instead, use spray paint to create lawn twister. Just replicate the traditional layout with corresponding circles of spray paint on the grass. It’s fun and handy!

Family Chalk Art Competition3. Chalk Art Competition

Does the creative gene run in your family? Then a chalk art competition might be just the game for you. Clear the cars off the driveway, claim a square, and get to work. Afterward, you can even invite a couple neighbors to be the judges.

4. Glow Stick Capture the Flag

So far, we’ve only talked about outdoor family games for daylight hours. But what about at night? That’s where glow stick capture the flag comes in.

The premise is the same as regular capture the flag, but using a glowstick, or bundle of glowsticks, as the flag. Big glowsticks are more visible than thin bendy glowsticks, but both will work. Just focus on guarding the flag!

5. Cornhole

When it comes to camping games, cornhole is an A-list celebrity. The spin on a bean bag toss game is wildly popular among RVers, and for good reason! It’s fun, easy, and can be played by almost all ages.

If you’re unfamiliar, cornhole requires two wood ramps, about 12 inches high at the highest end, each with a hole sawed in the middle. They sit opposite each other, with about 30 feet of distance in between. From either end, players toss bean bags at the other ramp. If your bean bag lands on the ramp, it’s worth one point. If you can get the bean bag through the hole, it’s worth three points.

Cornhole Board6. Freeze Tag

One of the best outdoor family games is freeze tag. In regular tag, you become “it” once tagged. In freeze tag, you become frozen in place when tagged. Teammates can unfreeze you, while taggers have the goal of freezing everyone. This is a great, fun sport for adults and kids.

7. Scavenger Hunts

Does your family love to explore? Then a scavenger hunt might be perfect. This is especially great for parents to hide treasures, with kids having to follow the clues to find them. If you want to get tricky, try giving a big clue after your kid does a chore.

Water Gun Fight8. Water Gun Fights

Summer days can get hot. On them, it helps to have a way to cool down. A great way is to have a water gun fight. This is a classic among outdoor family games and can be a blast. For extra soaking, throw in some water balloons!


Don’t let summer vacation slip away. Get outside and enjoy time together with these outdoor family games. And if you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share it!


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