The Pickleball Phenomena


Is it tennis? Maybe it’s badminton? It’s actually both and neither at the same time. The name of this game is pickleball – an activity that brilliantly combines aspects of several different racket sports with its own unique twist and is taking the nation by storm!

The game of pickleball is a mix of not only tennis and badminton, it also has components of table tennis/ping-pong as well. Popular and versatile, pickleball caters to players of all ages and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in North America, especially within schools, recreation centers, manufactured home communities, RV resorts and campgrounds.

From a beginner level to the most advanced level of competition, the rules to play this low-impact sport remain the same. Players have the option to play singles or doubles, like the game of tennis, however, doubles is most common. To begin, serve the ball (underhand only if you please) to your opponent who must allow the ball to bounce only once before hitting it back across. The first player, or team, to score 11 points first with at least a two point margin wins!

The game is played on a court 20 feet by 44 feet with similar line and net placements to a tennis court; however a pickbleball court is only about ¼ of the size, roughly the same size as a badminton court. Players use a lightweight paddle similar to the one used for ping-pong, but larger, and a whiffle-like ball in an assortment of colors to meet International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) specifications, which was put in place to ensure consistency in rules and regulations wherever the game is played.

Most national pickleball associations have adopted the rules of the IFP, including both the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) and Pickleball Canada. In fact, our very own Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort, located in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona, has hosted the USAPA National tournament for the past two years. With an astounding number of 32 gorgeous regulation size pickleball courts available right on-site, this luxury age qualified RV resort has once again been slated to host the 2017 USAPA National this November!

Pickleball is also very popular at Sun N Fun, our premier all-age RV resort in sunny Sarasota, Florida. This mega park offers 13 outdoor pickleball courts, and two indoor courts located in the spacious pavilion hall. Sun N Fun offers an extensive menu of activities, including a wide variety of pickleball classes! From the ‘Introduction to Pickleball’ lessons, where guests can learn the basics of the game, to the ‘Pickleball Advanced’ clinic, a certified program designed for players with the highest skill level, there truly is an opportunity for everyone to play and enjoy this unique sport.

So what do you say, ready to give pickleball a try? After all, it has to be fun if everyone else is doing!




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