8 Tips for Planning Your Snowbird Lifestyle

snowbird lifestyle planning

Planning to Become a Snowbird

Many of us dream of the day that we can be part of the thousands of U.S. and Canadian snowbirds who head to warmer climates during winter. As with any major life transition, it’s best to plan well in advance and prepare accordingly to ease any anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up eight easy tips for planning your snowbird lifestyle.

1. Decide Whether to Rent, Own, or RV

First, you’ll want to choose your way to stay. Many snowbirds RV, and we love to host them at our resorts in Florida, Arizona, California, and beyond. But you can also rent or purchase a park model or vacation cottage.

Consider whether you want to become a long-term occupant, or have a more transient snowbird lifestyle. If you crave consistency, purchasing a park model may be a better option. But if you’re a road warrior, RVing is a great way to explore the U.S.

2. Ensure That You’re Insured

When you’re out of your regular area, ensure that you’re insured. Check with your medical provider for out-of-network restrictions and consider purchasing traveler’s insurance. Additionally, let your home insurance provider know that you’ll be away from your permanent residence during your snowbird stay.

snowbird drive safely with your rv

3. Drive Safely

If you’re driving to your destination, be sure to travel carefully. Driving during winter requires extra caution, especially if you’re driving an RV or towing a travel trailer. Here are some tips for safely navigating south in your RV.

4. Plan Your Destination(s) in Advance

With the snowbird lifestyle becoming increasingly popular, you’ll want to plan your destination(s) well in advance. RVers have more flexibility, but home renters may want to book their stays months or even up to a year ahead of time.

snowbirds forward your mail

5. Forward Your Mail

One of the most common snowbird mishaps is forgetting to forward mail. Be sure to let the postal service know that you’ll be living in a different location for several months. They can easily forward your mail on for the duration of your stay.

6. Prep Your Permanent Home

Don’t forget to prep your permanent home for its time alone during the winter. You may want to shut off your water if you plan to keep the heat off while you’re gone. And make sure a friend or relative is keeping an eye on your abode.

Here are some tips for winterizing your home.

snowbird checklist

7. Create a Packing Checklist

Simplify your trip preparations by creating a snowbird packing checklist. When you’re ready to get things organized, you can simply run down the list and check things off.

8. Research the Taxes

Do a bit of digging to find out if there are any taxes that would be your responsibility. Account for higher sales taxes in your budget, plus factor in any additional taxes you could be responsible for if you’re purchasing a home.


We hope these tips are helpful to you as you plan your snowbird lifestyle. If you enjoyed this post, do us a favor and share it with your friends on social media!


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*No Cancellation Fee policy is only valid on reservations at a Sun RV resort placed through March 31, 2021 for stays completed by May 27, 2021. Guests wishing to cancel without fees must call the resort at least 48 hours prior to the resorts’ check-in time to confirm their cancellation. Guests who fail to show for their scheduled stay without confirming their cancellation with the resort, will be charged in accordance with the resort’s cancellation policy. Policy is not valid on reservations with stays of over 28 days, with the exception of participating Florida properties, which vary by resort. Policy expires March 31, 2021.



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