RVing with Dogs: 5 Things to Know

RVing With DogsRVing with dogs has become more popular than ever. Many pet owners are fond of their furry friends and would rather not leave them at home. Fortunately, many Sun RV resorts are pet-friendly, offering fenced dog parks and plenty of walking paths.

We’re here to help make traveling with pets a little bit easier. Here are five tips for RVing with dogs that’ll help you on your journey!

5 Tips for RVing with Dogs

Dog at the Vet

1. Visit the Vet

Schedule a vet appointment before your next RV road trip. Make sure that your pet is up to date on vaccinations and is treated for fleas and ticks. Be sure to bring documentation on your trip, as some RV resorts require proof of current vaccinations for pets.

2. Pack for pets

Bring along food and water bowls, leashes, toys, plastic bags (for cleaning up pet waste), medication, and a first aid kit. You may also want to consider bringing a pet carrier and a jug of water for keeping your pet hydrated while traveling.

3. Take your pet for a long walk before hitting the road

If you’re planning to drive, take your dog out for a nice walk before you head out. If you have a fenced area where your dog can run, that’s even better. This helps wear down their energy before a long, often cramped journey in the car.

Walking Your Dog

4. Clean up after your pet

Both at your destination and on the road, be sure to always clean up after your pet. Sun RV resorts with dog parks will have complimentary waste-pickup bags, but it’s a good idea to come prepared with your own bags while traveling.

5. Call ahead, wherever you go

While most Sun RV resorts are pet-friendly, other destinations may not be. Be sure to call ahead before visiting national and state parks, beaches, and any other attractions where you might bring your pet.

RVing With Dogs
Going on vacation doesn’t mean leaving your pets behind. Instead, follow these tips and you can enjoy a grand adventure while RVing with dogs. Check out the related posts below for more tips on how to improve your camping vacation.

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