Safe RV Driving Tips During the Holiday Season

rv driving tips

Drive Safely This Winter

As the holiday season winds down and the cold weather firms its grip on the northern landscape, snowbirds prepare for the long RV drive down to their warm winter destinations.

To help protect you on this journey, we’re sharing four safe RV driving tips for traveling south or west during the busy holiday season.

1. Conduct a Checklist

When it comes to packing, the best way to prepare is to make a checklist of what to bring. Before you leave, you can quickly go down the list and ensure that everything is in its place. Try using a checklist app, such as RV Checklist, to make this process even easier!

2. Check Your Tires

Typically, when you buy an RV, the tires that come with it are designed for summer use. While these tires are great for making your drive smooth during the summer, they’re not so great for roadways in the winter.


Before you migrate out of the cold, check your tire tread to ensure it’s up to the challenge. You may also want to consider simply replacing your summer tires with snow tires.


Also, don’t forget to check your tire pressure before you depart. As temperatures begin falling, tire pressure will drop and require adjusting. Incorrect tire pressure can compromise cornering, braking, and stability. The last thing you want to do is to forget this task and start your winter getaway with a blown-out tire or accident.

3. Go Slow

While we’re all excited to escape the cold, the holiday season isn’t the time to rush, especially when you’re driving an RV. The highways are packed with smaller vehicles and the unpredictable winter conditions can contribute to a more dangerous travel route.

Better Mirrors

To expand your field of view, purchase some convex mirrors for your RV. These spherical mirrors reflect light outward and allow the driver to see more of the rear of the vehicle. They’re inexpensive, widely available, and help to alleviate blind spots.

Pull Over

Remember that it’s okay to pull over when the road gets tough. Pulling over at a rest area is the safest option when weather conditions get scary. Due to the larger size of RVs, it can be exceptionally dangerous to travel in high winds or icy roads that are difficult to stop on. Save yourself the risk and pull over until the weather passes.

4. Stay Alert

Make sure to take frequent stops to rest when driving long distances. We suggest driving in six to seven hour increments, then stopping to find a place to park and rest for the night. While this may seem tedious, stopping each night allows you to stay rested and explore a little more.


Make sure to check out our list of Sun RV Resorts before you start your journey in case one is en route to your final destination! We hope these RV driving tips prove to be useful during your upcoming journey to your warm winter escape. If you found this guide helpful, share it with your friends on social media to help them out!


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