Soup and Sandwich Combos to Stay Warm

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup and Sandwich CombosWhen the winter blues begin to set in, cooking represents a natural way to fight back. When you cook, you get the benefits of both a constructive hobby and a delicious meal. And when it comes to staying warm in winter, there are better no meals to cook than soup and sandwich combos.

We’ve been feeling a tad hungry, so we’ve spent some time thinking of our favorite pairings. This list has six of our favorite soup and sandwich combos to provide some inspiration for your next meal. Check them out and enjoy a tasty pairing for yourself!

6 Soup and Sandwich Combos for Campers

1. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

What better way to start a list of soup and sandwich combos than with the most famous pairing of all. A grilled cheese sandwich pairs beautifully with tomato soup and is an American staple. You can stick to classic flavors, like American cheese and Campbell’s tomato soup, but why not mix it up? For example, try different cheeses like fontina and cheddar. Or make your own tomato basil soup for dunking.

Meatball Subs2. Meatball Sub and Italian Soup

Head to Tuscany with a delicious Italian soup and sandwich combo. Start by preparing an Italian sausage and vegetable soup, like this slow cooker recipe. While the soup cooks, work on creating your meatball subs. These typically have meatballs, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese, all piled on toasted bread. You can add Italian peppers for a spicy twist too. Once ready, serve the soup and sandwich together!

French Onion Soup3. Steak and Cheddar Panini with French Onion Soup

Love French onion soup? Oui, oui, monsieur! This beefy, salty, and most of all, onion-y broth is a favorite for cold weather. It warms you from head to toe and is topped off with melty Gruyere cheese to complete the package.

While there’s nothing wrong with pairing French onion soup with fresh bread, try going one step further. Make a steak and cheddar panini to accompany your soup for a five-star meal. Trust us, this is an ideal combo for cold winter nights.

Club Sandwich4. Club Sandwich and Squash Soup

There are many wonderful soup and sandwich combos. But very few can match the perfection of a club sandwich and squash soup. A crispy club sandwich nicely compliments a smooth, slightly sweet squash soup. This is also a good pairing to make for a group, as club sandwiches are easy to make in batches.

Potato Soup5. Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Potato Soup

Comfort food is best served in the form of potato soup. Creamy and warming, potato soup is a fine choice for cool evenings. But it’s even better when paired with a classic ham and cheese sammy. You can make this sandwich cold, but it’s much better toasted. Give it a shot and find true comfort food bliss.

Cubano Sandwich6. Cubano Sandwich and Black Bean Soup

We’re rounding out our list of soup and sandwich combos with a spicy pairing from Latin America. Start with a simple, smoky black bean soup. While the base version is free of meat and dairy, you can add cheese and meat as you enjoy.

Once you have your black bean soup bubbling away, get started on a Cubano sandwich. If you’ve never had a Cubano, it’s a sort of South Floridian twist on a ham and cheese sandwich. With tender meat, melty Swiss cheese, and tangy pickles and mustard, a Cubano is a winner. Just make sure you get a good, crusty bread or you’ll end up with a soggy sandwich.


As the nights cool down and the days get shorter, don’t be afraid to indulge in soup and sandwich combos. These delicious pairings will keep you warm, nourished, and ready to tackle a fall camping trip. So whether you’re hitting the trails hiking or settling down for a night in, you can enjoy a delicious meal. And don’t forget to bring your friends in on the fun by sharing this post!


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