Start Your Camping Season with YOGI BEAR™ and his Friends!


We celebrate the official beginning of the camping season at our Jellystone Parks™ with the annual Wake Up the Bears Ceremony! Camping just wouldn’t be the same without Yogi and his friends, so campers always make sure to come ready and make some noise and wake up Boo Boo™, Cindy Bear™ and Yogi Bear™ from their winter slumber. Now they’re all awake and ready to spend time with you to enjoy some summer fun, and maybe a few pic-a-nic baskets, this camping season!

If you didn’t know, Sun RV Resorts now has three Jellystone Park™ locations to choose from that are always a big hit with families! Enjoy camping in upstate New York in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains at Jellystone Park™ at Birchwood Acres or spend some time in the heart of Western New York near Niagara Falls at Jellystone Park™ of Western New York. You can also discover the best of Colorado at Jellystone Park™ at Larkspur, an award-winning campground located between the vacation destinations of Denver and Colorado Springs.

Each of these parks celebrates the Wake Up the Bears Ceremony in their own unique way. Our newest addition in Larkspur hosts their season opener on Easter Weekend. Families travel near and far to enjoy the annual Easter Egg Hunt and the kids always look forward to visiting Yogi’s home to wake him up for the new season by knocking on his doors and windows.

If you love being outdoors, our Western New York location is the perfect spot! Campers and staff work together to finish winter chores to spruce up the grounds and landscaping and help get the park ready for the new season. At Birchwood Acres in the Catskills Mountains, their official start to the season combines waking up the bears with their annual weekend for the Scouts! Enjoy great family fun all weekend long with activities like flag-raising with Boo Boo™, freeze dances with Cindy Bear™ and fire truck rides with Yogi Bear™!

At all of these family-friendly parks you can enjoy a full activity calendar that includes favorites like candy bar bingo, arts and crafts, ceramics, and frequent visits from Yogi Bear™, Boo Boo™ and Cindy Bear™. Come and join us for all the fun and help us celebrate the beginning of our season in true Jellystone style!

If you didn’t get the chance to join us for this annual tradition, you can always come and be part of the festivities next season! We also have the hibernation ceremony in the fall so we can say farewell to this camping season and tuck the bears in again for their winter slumber!


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