Top Reasons to Take Your Family Camping

SR_FamilyCampingLooking for something to do with your family this summer?  Here are the top reasons why you should go family camping with the kids this year!

Camping Lets you Escape the Hectic City Life

You dream of getting away and taking that big family vacation, but there never seems to be a perfect way to get away from it all.  The idea of dealing with other tourists, planes, planning and booking hotels, rental cars, itinerary… that can be it’s own kind of tress.

A simple camping trip helps you cut the cord from all the city life and get back to basics.  It has and always will be one of the best ways to get away from the hectic day to day of city life.

Camping Reminds Us To Look At the World & Mother Nature

It’s easy to get caught up in things that don’t really matter.  We’re so tied to television, gaming, parties, commutes to work, deadlines, etc.  We lose sight of the things that really matter.   Our family, ourselves and the world around us.

Camping with your family lets you get back to nature.  Where you run on your own clock, have the time to appreciate the world around you, and take the opportunity to look up once in a while to appreciate just how big the world really is and how beautiful it all can be.

Camping Let’s You Spend Quality Time with Family

Family camping puts you close together with your family, taking part in activities together and spending quality time.  There aren’t a lot of opportunities amid hectic daily schedules to do that.  Quality time is hard to get nowadays, so make time for it with camping.

Camping Let’s You Try New Foods & Recipes

The best part about new foods over the campfire or camp stove is that is tastes better!  You’re forced to buy more natural and healthy foods that taste great and give you more energy.  You don’t have a huge spice cabinet or the time/ability to marinate meats heavily.  You taste how things were truly meant to be enjoyed.

You also get to eat and cook messy – which is always fun!

Camping Teaches New Skills

Camping is a great opportunity for you and your family to learn how to do things you wouldn’t normally do – like tie knots, fish, build a campfire, filter water, track animals and more.  As a species, humans are designed to want to learn.  When you discover skills that can help you interact and overcome nature, you’ll watch as your children’s eyes glisten through discovery.

Camping is a Pet Friendly Vacation

There aren’t a lot of places where families can take the family pet along, be it a dog or cat.  Camping outdoors is a great way to bring the dog and see how they interact with all that new nature around you.  No extra fees for a sitter to check on the pets at home  & keep them fed.  Just bring them with you!

Camping is an Affordable Vacation

Camping is one of the most affordable family vacations you can take.  Hotels with amenities comparable to camping an RV resorts cost an arm and a leg.  You can spend almost an entire week at a camp resort for the price of two days in a nice hotel – and you’ll have more fun at a campground.

You Don’t Have to Go Rustic Camping in the Wilderness

Worried about getting mauled by a bear in the wilderness or getting lost?  You don’t have to travel to the wilderness for a good campground.  Many camping resorts and RV resorts exist throughout the US that offer a ton of amenities along with safety and security (along with showers!).  You get all the luxuries of being at home while enjoying the fun of camping under the stars.


*No Cancellation Fee policy is only valid on reservations at a Sun RV resort placed through March 31, 2021 for stays completed by May 27, 2021. Guests wishing to cancel without fees must call the resort at least 48 hours prior to the resorts’ check-in time to confirm their cancellation. Guests who fail to show for their scheduled stay without confirming their cancellation with the resort, will be charged in accordance with the resort’s cancellation policy. Policy is not valid on reservations with stays of over 28 days, with the exception of participating Florida properties, which vary by resort. Policy expires March 31, 2021.