Mix & Match Trail Mix Recipes [Infographic]

Trail Mix Recipes for Campers

A little salty, a little sweet, a little chewy, a little crunchy. A good trail mix is all those things and more! Indeed, the best trail mix is the one you make yourself. That’s why we’re here with mix and match trail mix recipes so you can create your perfect blend.

Trail mix is a delicious snack that’s popular among hikers, campers, and road trippers. It offers a hearty snack and can withstand the stresses of a backpack. Plus, trail mix can accommodate many tastes. A salty, spicy trail mix will satisfy some, while others will be all about the dried fruit, chocolate, and nuts. By tweaking it to the tastes of your group, you can make a trail mix that keeps everyone satisfied. Remember as well that while trail mix is delicious, the store-bought variants are often full of sugar and salt. By making your own, you control the ingredients.

Check out our infographic below for a visual ingredients list that can help you create your ideal trail mix. If you love the ideas, help us out and share this infographic of trail mix recipes with your friends and family!

Trail Mix Recipes Infographic


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