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RVing with Pets Tips

Tips for RVing with Man’s Best Friend

Someone once coined the phrase “animals and travel don’t mix.” Some types of travel isn’t suited for pets, racking up a hefty fees, or causing your pet great anxiety, and can present many limitations.With RVing, however, you can satisfy your wanderlust while bringing along your furry friends!

RVing allows certain freedoms you won’t typically enjoy if you’re flying or cruisin’ a shore. You and your pets anxiety is minimized, its more cost effective, and you don’t have to leave your pet behind! So save some bucks on boarding fees and enjoy a vacation with the whole family and Fido!

With some minor adjustments, keeping your pets with you on the road is well worth it! So put your best ‘Paw’ forward and follow these helpful tips on RVing with man’s best friend.

1. Visit the Vet

Before “Ruffing” it with your dog/cat. Be sure to visit the vet and make sure all your pet’s vaccinations are current. Your pet could be exposed to wild or unvaccinated animals during your travels, and you’ll want to make sure the health of your pet is protected by staying current with their vaccines. Make sure your pets have been treated for fleas and ticks to discourage any stowaways in your RV.

2. Have Proper ID

Make sure your pets have proper identification tags that include all your information in case your pet becomes lost during your trip. No one wants to think their pet will get lost, but accidents do happen. Take a photo of your pet with you as well, in the event that you do become separated, it will help others identify your pet on your search.

3. Always Call Ahead

Not all RV resorts allow pets on the premises. Some campgrounds have breed restrictions, and many have a limit to how many furry friends you can bring. Just to make sure you aren’t taking a long trek for nothing, call your desired destination ahead of time to make sure Fido is welcome. Lucky for you, all Sun RV Resorts are pet friendly!

4. Pack for Pets

Keep a separate bin with a lid or bag to keep your pets supplies in such as their; bowls, food, leash, toys, waste-pickup bags, any medication, veterinary information and first aid kit just in case of emergencies. Consider bringing along a crate or pet carrier as needed.

5. Food, Water, Air, Temperature

Bring along plenty of food and keep in an airtight container so the food stays fresh. Always have fresh water accessible for your pets, and most important, do not subject you pet to extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

If you are going to leave your pet alone in the RV for a few hours, make sure they have plenty of water, food, a place to potty (pee-pee pads work well), and proper ventilation or air conditioning.

6. Stretch Those Legs

After hours of traveling, even Fido can feel as cramped as you do. It’s important to rest and take a moment to stretch and take a walk. There are plenty of rest stops along the way for you and your companion to do so.

7. Follow the Rules

Once you have finally arrived at your destination, be sure to abide by the camps pet policies. Adhere to leash laws, locate the do walk areas and “poop scooping” protocol and always clean up after your pet. It’s the “courteous camper” thing to do.


Have your own tips for traveling with pets? Share your great ideas with us on social media to help your fellow campers when they’re bringing their four-legged family members along on their next getaway.

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