Tips for Decorating a Vacation Home

Ready, set, vacation! There’s nothing like having a vacation home that you can always escape to. And as we consider our plans, the time might be right to think about the design. Decorating a vacation home is an integral part of making it special. So why not do it right?

We’ve rounded up eight tips for setting the style of your vacation home. Check them out and then plan your design refresh!

Paint ColorsDecorating a Vacation Home on a Budget

1. Use Paint to Set a Theme

One cost-effective way of decorating a vacation home is to use paint. You can set an entire theme with a simple coast of paint. But you don’t need to paint every wall. Instead, use neutral tones throughout with accent walls that feature the theme color. For example, light blue for a beach house or light green for a forest cottage. Try using this paint color visualizer to get an idea of how it’ll look.

2. Add lights Inside and Out

Lighting is a huge part of decorating a vacation home. A well-lit space can make or break the entire package. Inside, focus on even lighting and don’t just rely on lamps. Look into recessed or track lighting too.

Outdoor spaces also need lighting. Adding string lights can create a very charming style. Or look for corner lights that can be mounted on porches. If you have yard space, you may also look for electric tiki torches or tall yard lamps to bring some flair.

Replacing Cabinet Handles3. Swap Out Simple Hardware

Did you buy a pre-owned vacation home? You can easily refresh the look with some simple hardware swaps. Try changing the cabinet handles or faucets for a fresh feel. Brushed aluminum or steel can add a modern look, but play to the overall theme of the home.

4. Avoid Clutter and Knick-knacks

Nothing ruins a vacation home faster than kitschy knick-knacks. Scale back on shelves and tables full of trinkets and focus on simple pieces. Invest some money into good furniture, such as a comfortable couch and bed. And don’t forget that this is a vacation home. If you’re only there for a couple months each year, you might not need large dressers or wardrobes.

Lakeside Deck5. Remember the Locale

When decorating a vacation home, remember where it is. A mountain home should have a different style than a beach home. By tying the theme to the surroundings, you can create a design that looks like it was done by a professional.

6. Check out Thrift Stores

If you really want to embrace the locale, check out local thrift and antique stores. You might be able to find a great accent piece or two to tie your home to the area. But be choosy with your purchases. You don’t want to end up with a large collection of knick-knacks.

7. Create multiple spaces

One way to make your vacation home feel bigger and more diverse is to create multiple spaces. You can utilize dividers and curtains to create separation in open spaces. For example, you could use a divider to separate the living room from the kitchen and dining area, with different styles for each area.

Woman In Reading Nook8. Add Your Favorite Relaxation Touches

Decorating a vacation home with every luxury would be great, but it’s costly. Try focusing instead on a couple of your favorite touches. Some ideas include a reading nook, a towel warmer, or very soft sheets and comforters. These select investments can give you great bang for your buck.


Take these ideas and start decorating your vacation home. With a little bit of work, you can make it even better than it is now. And don’t forget to share this post with your decorating buddies. You could use the help!


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