Veterans Day


Each year on November 11th, we commemorate our Nation’s Veterans – heroes who have served and sacrificed to preserve, protect and uphold the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis.

As we all know, Veterans Day is always the eleventh day of the eleventh month, but many of us either don’t know or have forgotten the historical significance behind this date.  On June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles, the Treaty of Versailles was signed, officially ending World War I or “The Great War.” This took place after the fighting ceased seven months earlier on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, which is generally regarded as the end of the “the war to end all wars” and is why we celebrate our Veterans on this same date every year.

As a tribute to our Veterans – many of whom are loyal guests of Sun RV Resorts – a number of our resorts, particularly in the southern states, host programs to honor these brave men and women. Festivities include parades where Veterans are lined up in order of the war in which they served and are shuttled throughout the park in golf carts, flag ceremonies, refreshments and dinners, and featured guest speakers from various organizations like Veterans Administration.

Most of our RV resorts and campgrounds also offer active military personnel and Veterans a 10-50% discount on daily stays.


We hope you have a safe a happy Veterans Day!

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