Wagon Wheel Makes a Splash!

Splash Park ImageWater from above…water from below…water from the side! That’s how we roll on the splash pad at Wagon Wheel RV Resort and Campground – the brand new amenity now open for the 2014 season!


Let’s introduce you to the players…


The Water Bucket Brigade

Kids wait in anticipation while the four funnel shaped buckets fill with water, then tip and spill with a cooling splash down on their heads. Very refreshing on a hot summer day!


The Twister

Pretty to look at while you watch the kids cool off! Intertwining streams of water twist down like psychedelic rain to create fun patterns and unique shapes. The twister is great for the small tykes too!


The Water Table

Watch their creative juices go with this brain-tickling water feature! Kids can rotate, slide, and turn levers and wheels to create different patterns and shapes from the pool of water in the center of the table – this is sure to get their imaginations going!


The Water Sprayer

The ultimate super soaker! Easy handle grips make it easy to cool friends and family from afar. Parents beware – you’re the perfect targets, but revenge is sweet!


The Water Pressure

This one is a team effort! The water pressure has several spouts that must be plugged, and we’ve seen everything from hands and feet to butts and backs used to accomplish this! Once each spout is covered, the water pressure will build up until it erupts from the top, pouring down on everyone below!


The Rotating Water Arch Bar

A supersized version of the rainbow sprinkler, the rotating water arch bar releases multiple streams of water in a rainbow pattern. This water feature also rotates 360 degrees to create other patterns to enjoy while the kids cool down. A great fit for all ages!


The Curvy Jet Manifold

This is actually simpler than it sounds. Several individual jets of water shoot upward and are strategically placed to create a curvy pattern that kids just love!


The Arch Jet Tunnel

Everyone loves this archway of water. Twelve water jets project up from the ground to create this awesome water feature. Bet you can’t make it through without getting wet!


The Bubbler

This is fantastic for toddlers. A gentle spray bubbles from the ground to create a low foaming mound of water. Great for splishing and splashing around!


Let’s Play!

Now that you’ve been properly acquainted, let the fun begin! From jets of water streaming up from below, to buckets of water spilling from above, there’s a little something for everyone at the new splash pad at Wagon Wheel!


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