How to Make the Most of Your Weekend Getaway

Person Standing On A Jeep With Hands Raised and the Ocean in the BackgroundWeekend getaways are ideal trips for busy people. When you need a break but can’t take a weeks-long vacation, you can get away for a couple days to recharge your batteries.

Since these trips are brief, there are a few weekend getaway tips that will help you maximize your time. Read through our suggestions below and start planning your next vacation today!

6 Tips to Maximize a Weekend Getaway

1. Take Advantage of Long Weekends

Some holidays, like Labor Day and Memorial Day, always fall on a Monday, usually guaranteeing a three-day weekend. Take advantage of these holidays for a weekend getaway! Though they are often busy travel times, you can enjoy a free day off without eating into your vacation hours.

2. Don’t Go Too Far From Home

The key to a great a weekend getaway is to go on a vacation without going too far. Try to stay within a five-hour drive, train trip, or flight of your home. This is a key distance that allows you to not use entire days for traveling to your destination.

Here are some suggestions for outdoor destinations that are within easy driving distance of major metropolitan areas:

Tourists Strolling Through Pike Place Market in Seattle3. Stay Close to the Action

One of the best weekend getaway tips is to stay close to the action. During a brief trip, it’s best to avoid day trips and instead focus on staying near a particular destination. For example, Hid’n Pines RV Resort is within walking distance of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. And Archview RV Resort & Campground is right next to Arches National Park!

4. Unplug For the Weekend

To make the most of a brief vacation, unplug from electronics and social media. By cutting the cord, you can focus on experiencing every aspect of your vacation. Plus, spending time on social media and using electronics can lead to increased stress levels, which is the opposite of what you want while on vacation.

To disconnect, check out our guide for unplugging from technology while camping.

5. Spend Time Outdoors

Getting out and about in the fresh air is a fantastic way to relax and rejuvenate. As part of our weekend getaway tips, we recommend spending a significant chunk of time outdoors. That should be easy at our outdoor destinations, and there are plenty of activities at or near our resorts to get you outside.

Check out these activities for spending time outdoors during your trip:

Island Queen Cruise Boat Sailing Between Cliffs in Parry Sound Ontario6. Splurge on One Experience

To maximize your enjoyment of a weekend getaway, splurge on one experience. Perhaps you’ll go for a wine tasting and cave tour at Eberle Winery in Paso Robles, California. Or you could take a scenic cruise through Ontario’s Georgian Bay aboard the Island Queen. And, of course, there’s the timeless option of an elegant dinner at a fancy restaurant.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these weekend getaway tips to make the most of your vacation. For more tips and ideas, follow us on social media, and if you liked this post, give it a share with your friends!

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