What’s Your New Year’s Resolution for 2016?


For most of us, New Year’s is a time of celebration, reflection and hopefulness by shedding the previous year’s debacles and contemplating the hopeful possibilities that could be in the year ahead with a chance for another fresh start. To aid us in our quest, New Year’s resolutions have become a timeless tradition of setting personal goals for the coming year to improve our lives – whatever that may mean to each of us.


1. Get Fit

It may be cliché, but losing weight still remains the most popular resolution and we challenge you to keep at it throughout the year. Whether this means eating healthier or hitting the gym, making health conscience decisions is always a good idea.


2. Get More Organized

This can be a tricky goal because many of us get overzealous at first, then fall off the wheel quickly. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a whole new way of doing things, choose one or two key areas where you would want to be more organized and maintain that throughout the entire year. Baby steps are best!


3. Get More Sleep

We’re told time and again that getting proper sleep is not only important, but imperative to our health. A good night’s rest can do wonders for your mood and appearance, plus it strengthens your cognitive processes. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can lead to a greater risk of obesity, depression, and type 2 Diabetes.


4. Stay in Touch

Nurturing relationships with friends and family in the midst of our hectic and crazy lives can seem like an impossible task sometimes, but it’s good for your health to stay connected. A lack of social bonds can be just a damaging to your health as alcohol abuse and smoking and research suggests people with social ties live longer than those who don’t. So pick up the phone, make a dinner date, or host a small gathering at your home and stay connected to your peeps!


5. Reduce Stress

Let’s face it, we’re never going to completely rid our lives of stress. In fact, a little stress in short bouts can actually give us an energy boost. It’s when stress becomes chronic that problems can, and do, occur like insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease and more. Take some time each day to practice relaxation techniques, meditation, or deep breathing. Reaching out to friends, exercising, laughing and listening to music are also ways to help reduce stress in our lives on a daily basis – it’s all about balance!


6. Start Volunteering

Our happiness doesn’t always have to revolve around betting ourselves; happiness also increases when we help others too! Volunteering your time for a cause you believe in is a feel-good experience to increase positive emotions. Doing good feels good!



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