5 Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Family Sledding Winter ActivitiesWith winter in full swing, we thought it would be good to highlight our favorite winter activities for families. These ideas require snow, making them perfect for wintry regions in January and February, when snowfall is usually highest. Try them out, have some fun, and remember that winter is what you make of it!

Try These Winter Activities for Fun in the Snow

1. Go Sledding, Skiing, or Snowboarding

There’s no better way to enjoy the snow than by speeding atop it! The way you choose to soar on the snow is your choice. For kids, sledding is by far the easiest, as all you need is a snowy hill and a sled. Just make sure to avoid any obstacles on the way down.

Skiing and snowboarding are a bit more difficult. Snowboarding requires knowledge of shredding and is best done on a large, snowy hill. Skiing can be done downhill at a ski resort, or cross-country on more level trails. You’ll need training, practice, and special equipment for skiing and snowboarding, so make sure you’re prepared.

Grandparents and Child Building a Snowman2. Build a Snowman

Have you been humming Frosty the Snowman? Turn the catchy tune into reality by building your own snowman! Constructing a family of snowmen is one of the best winter activities to get everyone in the family involved. Just make sure you don’t make your snowmen too large. You need to have enough snow for everyone to design their own!

3. Snowshoe Through the Woods

Have you ever gone snow shoeing? Once a niche winter activity, snowshoeing is increasing in popularity. You’ll need to get snowshoes and poles, but once you’re geared up, you can gently float atop the powder as you trek through a snowy forest. Plus, snowshoeing can be done by kids and adults alike and is an excellent low-impact aerobic activity.

Check out this beginner’s guide to snowshoeing for more info on getting started.

Child Building Snow Fort4. Construct a Snow Fort

For kids looking to launch a snowball fight, the obvious first step is to construct a snow fort. But the important question is what kind of fort to build. For example, will you construct a large fort with low walls, or will you create a safe haven of high walls and lookouts? There are many options to choose from!

Remember, though, that an adult should be supervising if kids would like to build an igloo or roofed fort. If not built properly, roofed forts and igloos can dangerously collapse.

5. Ice Skate at a Park

If you have a knack for balance, ice skating may rank above all other winter activities. For those who have mastered the skill of skating, there’s both a thrill and serenity to gliding along the ice. And for those who haven’t got the handle of hitting the ice, don’t worry! There are many experienced skaters who will be happy to help you learn and practice.

We do, however, recommend ice skating at a dedicated rink. This could be in a park during winter, or in a year-round indoor facility. While the thought of ice skating on a frozen lake may be enchanting, the surface is often rough and may have dangerous weak spots.


Though often dreaded, winter need not be dull. There are many excellent winter activities that the whole family can partake in. Try these out and don’t forget to share this post with a friend who may enjoy these ideas!


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