Short-term stays:
7 to 27 nights


Mid-length stays:
28 to 120 nights


Long-term stays:
Over 120 nights



Fill out the form below and within 24 hours your referral will be in our system. Afterwards, an email will be sent to your referral with information on how to plan and book their perfect vacation. Your referral can also book directly online using SunOutdoors.com or they can call (888) 886-2477 to make their reservation.


When your friend stays, we pay. We’ll keep you updated on status via email, so you know if your referral books with us and when you will be receiving your reward.

Gift Card

After your referral stays with us (or when they check in for seasonal or annual stays), we will send you an email with your code, which you can redeem for an electronic consumer gift card of your choice.

For home or park model referrals

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need to select in which country I want to redeem my gift card?

    Since many companies operate differently between the U.S. and Canada, gift cards issued for the U.S. may not be redeemable in Canada and vice versa.

    Who is defined as a “qualifying referral?”

    A “qualifying referral” is defined as a person who has never stayed with Sun Outdoors, and has been registered as a Share the Sun referral prior to their check in.

    Am I eligible to receive a gift card for my referral?

    You are eligible to receive a Sun Reward if your referral:

    • Has not previously booked a stay at a Sun Outdoors Resort
    • Has not been referred by someone else
    • Books their stay directly with Sun Outdoors after you submit their referral information and completes the stay requirement
    Can I refer multiple members of the same household?

    Yes, however, you will only be eligible for one gift card per household.

    When will I get my gift card?

    For short-term and mid-length stays, you will receive your gift card after your referral checks out. For a long-term stay referral, you will receive your gift card when your referral moves their RV into a resort.

    My favorite resort is offering a discount. If my friend books with the discount, am I still eligible to receive a gift card?

    Yes, as long as your friend is an eligible referral.

    Do I have to be a current customer to receive a gift card for my referral?

    Yes, at this time our program is only open to guests of Sun Outdoors.

    Who do I contact about questions regarding RV referrals?

    For any questions regarding rewards or how our Share the Sun Referral Program works, you can contact a Customer Service Specialist at [email protected] or call (888) 692-6575.

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